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Gravel Race: Tuukka Turkka+358 44 339 5503

MRM 2019 polkujuoksu: Tuukka Turkka +358 44 339 5503

Myynti, sponsori-ja mainossopimukset:

Sami Heinikainen ja Sami Kauppinen +358 400 483589

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Facessa Griffin events.

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Gravel Race 200


This summer event center is at beautiful WHD Gård in Nurmaa. Winners will be crowned as totally unofficial Finnish gravel champions!


Event format remains the same: checkpoints must be visited at rising numeral order but can be skipped. You are encouraged to optimize thi given route. Everyone will find a suitable distance between 20-200km.

Sign up: https://holvi.com/shop/griffin/



Griffin Events Finland team



The winners of 2019