Griffin Events Finland Oy


Gravel Race: Tuukka Turkka+358 44 339 5503

MRM 2019 polkujuoksu: Tuukka Turkka +358 44 339 5503

Myynti, sponsori-ja mainossopimukset:

Sami Heinikainen ja Sami Kauppinen +358 400 483589

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Facessa Griffin events.

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Griffin Events Finland Oy consists of seven entrepreneurs from Mäntyharju enthusiastic about endurance sports. The goal of Griffin Events Finland is to produce and organize high quality sports- and adventure events in or near Mäntyharju.


We aim to showcase the incredible surroundings and nature we have at our disposal and bring some bustle to the countryside. Not forgetting trying to activate all the locals and luring more people to the area.

We want to organize events at all the seasons and bring our own twist into the events. First events for the year 2019 are already in the works: gravel bike race, Gravel Race Mäntyharju and trail running event MRM 2019. Planning for events after that is already ongoing.

Follow us and come and enjoy quality events!

Ari, Sami, Tiina, Janne, Seppo, Sami, Leila and Tuukka GRIFFIN EVENTS FINLAND -team